Balsam Fir Christmas Tree Grades

We supply a great diversity of tree sizes, from little tabletops to extra large trees for city squares. Similarly, we provide a range of densities to meet customer requirements.

Uniformity of all grades of trees is assured by our experienced manager.

Top Grade

Heavy Density - a full foliage tree. Plantation grown or harvested from cultivated natural stands. Pruned and shaped until mature to attain heavy density and balanced taper. We maintain great spiking in the outer foliage to produce that healthy, natural, and easy to decorate look for which consumers are clamoring. And like all the balsam firs from Nova Scotia, our trees have that rich aromatic fragrance which defines Christmas.

Second Grade

Medium Density - Grown in the same environment, with the same colour, taper and shape as the heavy density tree. This medium to heavy density tree has fantastic symmetry, or eveness, and fresh, well spiked foliage. This grade is able to satisfy the majority of consumers, and fits in an extremely attractive price range.

Third Grade

Light Density - The traditional Christmas tree. Harvested from cultivated natural stands.

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